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heavyboat_logo_512x512HeavyBoat is a small game development studio from Buenos Aires, Argentina; building original IPs after many years of making games for clients. Founded in April 2010, over the following five years HeavyBoat produced more than 30 games for clients like Cartoon Network, Disney and LEGO. Most were made for the web, but around seven of them – such as “Adventure Time: Jumping Finn Turbo”,“Regular Show: Grudgeball” or “Mixels Rush” – were mobile releases. Then in August 2015 HeavyBoat released the endless stealth mobile game “Winter Fugitives”, its first original IP in many years, to great reviews and more than 1.5 million downloads in Android & iOS.

Games Reel

Check this video featuring every single game we’ve developed (updated late 2015)!

Selected Reviews

  • “The balance between stealth and making a brash run for it is perfect, and when combined with excellent contextual sound design makes for a constantly hurried, always suspenseful, and often spectacular breakout.”
    – Oscar Dayus on WINTER FUGITIVES, Pocket Gamer
  • “I honestly wasn’t expecting much from Grudgeball: Enter the Chaosphere, but it’s definitely a nice surprise.”
    – Rob Rich on GRUDGEBALL: ENTER THE CHAOSPHERE, Pocket Gamer
  • “The best part about The Best Park in the Universe is that it feels like a video game that Mordecai and Rigby would actually play themselves in the cartoon show.”
    – Joe Jasko on BEST PARK IN THE UNIVERSE, Gamezebo
  • ” The controls are intuitive to the point where I achieved several massive Batman: Arkham Asylum-style combos before I’d even completely grasped the importance of the different kinds of screen swipes.”
  • “Jumping Finn Turbo Is The Gift That Keeps On Giving”
    – Tina Amini on JUMPING FINN TURBO, Kotaku
  • “Here’s my “wtf” entry.”
    – JUMPING FINN TURBO included in Tina Amini’s Top 10 Games of 2012, Kotaku

Some Articles about our Experience

  • “Chilly breakouts and warm bouncy castles: creating IPs after years of work-for-hire”
    – HeavyBoat’s Guillermo Crespi, Gamasutra
  • “Tears for Spheres: Developing “Grudgeball” in the year everything changed”
    – HeavyBoat’s Guillermo Crespi, Gamasutra

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