Winter Fugitives


WINTER FUGITIVES is a stealth game that will put all your skills to the test to run away from an isolated prison in the mountains. As the last inmate from your ward to join the unexpected escape, you’ll have to find your way under a snowstorm and through the barricades. Avoid being seen by the guards, attack them by surprise or bribe them with the money you find on the way. You will also get a chance to free several captured inmates, and get information to unveil the secret behind a prison break that seems a little too perfect…


• Endless stealth action. Be quick or get caught!
• Sneak past the guards… or knock them out to steal their money and bribe the others!
• Find powerups inside shelters, and jump ahead using underground tunnels!
• 8 PLAYABLE CHARACTERS! Unlock some of the most dangerous and strange inmates from prison and unleash their powers to hasten the escape!
• Play Story Mode (with “the Last Fugitive”), choose a ROGUE character (such as “the Fighter”), or play with a member of either the RANGERS or the MYSTICS faction!
• Unlockable characters come with a combination of permanent boosters (such as invisibility) and powerful new skills!
• MANY more playable characters and skills coming soon!

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